Peter Titherington stand technology stand/technology/stands was created 2002 by Peter Titherington.
The goal of the company is it at reasonable prices system of racks/stands to all industries of the world
to supply.
The company delivers at present scaffold materials of stands of racks
Customer in Europe, in North America, that the middle east, in Australia and in Asia. Additionally
to our own GSD ring LOCK and Cuplock rack systems/modular system racks are we able
to supply material used from all German rack and Verschalungsystemherstellern to.

The GSD ring LOCK system is "wedge and Rosetten a rack system", by the optimal
Combination of strength and flexibility captivates.
The rack systems are examined in Great Britain and in the United States
and on racks EN 12811 and EN 12810 correspond to the new European standards.
Scaffold and Scaffolds The GSD ring LOCK rack system is a kind "bowl and cap" rack system, by unusual
Strength captivates.

 Design Support


The rack system was examined in Great Britain and in the United States and
EN 12810 is adapts to the new European standards on racks EN 12811 and.
Scaffolding and System-scaffold

The company Peter Titherington stand technology knows you a multiplicity at high-quality,
used scaffold and Verschalungsystemen of Layher Gerüsttechnik, plettac Gerüsttechnik, PERI Gerüsttechnik,
DOKA Gerüsttechnik and further European rack manufacturers supply.

System-scaffolding or System scaffolds

Second-hand-scaffolding The GSD ring LOCK and GSD Cuplock of rack systems is subject to strict quality control procedures.

Here the closing security and stability of the racks become constantly/rack systems and the connecting
Elements examined. With these in-plant quality control procedures become regularly
all products checks, which leave the factory.
These tests are completely documented for each production row.

System-Gerüste von Layher Plettac
Both rack systems fulfill the requirements of EN 128 11 and EN 128 10 for the material composition,
the material mass and the reading and/or capacity calculation.

In co-operation with a number of recognized training facilities, the company is Peter
Titherington stand technology in the situation to offer individual training courses for all rack systems.

The training courses can either directly at the customers, at a specific installation
or in our offices in Germany, Australia or in Great Britain to be accomplished.
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Allround Contur
Scaffold-fittings Second-hand-scaffold
By our partnership with 2H scaffold Design in England is the company Peter Titherington
Stand technology in the layer, amfassende Design support for GSD of system racks and everyone
to offer alternative rack system, for which reliable load data exist.